General Terms & Conditions

Neither the facilitators nor the organizers of Shakti Sangha accept any liability whatsoever for any psychological or physical impairments arising during or as a result of the event, or for any damage to property, whether in respect of visitors or third parties. This applies in particular to the use of the paths and adjacent areas (especially in winter) pertaining to the seminar centres visited. This also includes all meals prepared by the seminar houses. This does not, of course, affect our liability in cases of wilful intent.

Each individual attendee bears full responsibility for him-/herself and his/her participation in the event and declares that she/he is not suffering from any ongoing illness and/or psychological or physical symptoms, under which circumstances it would be inadvisable to participate in or attend the type of seminars on offer. To protect all attendees all photography, filming or recording without prior agreement is not permitted. The submitted registration form or an informal registration undertaken in writing is legally binding. Unless otherwise stated in the seminar description, booking cancellations are accepted up to four weeks before the seminar is held, however we require written notice. We will then reimburse any amounts already paid, less a processing fee of €50. If the deadline is not met, the full amount is due, including failure to attend without prior notice (payment to be made within 14 days), unless the person concerned finds someone to take their place who is willing to pay the full fee.
Shakti Sangha will not reimburse rebooking or cancellation costs for the outward or return journeys to the seminar venue arising as a result of a seminar being postponed or not taking place for whatever reason. The seminar fees due cover participation in the seminar and also any seminar materials. All costs of overnight accommodation and meals must be paid for by the individual, unless stated otherwise.
Registration constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions!

[Translator's note: In any dispute, the German original text takes precedence over the English translation]