This offer of coaching is aimed at individuals or couples who wish to work on a specific topic. We invite conscious analysis, we pose questions and help you to find your answers.

Examples of topics are:

How do I get my wants met  in love?
How to deal with feelings of jealousy?
How do I live out fulfilled sexuality?
How do I rediscover my ability to orgasm?
How do I get closer to partner again?
What prevents me living a sensuous life?
What does our partnership need?
What do I do with all my sexual desires when there is no one there?
How do I handle the abundance of energy that I have?
How do I learn to love myself?
How do I lead a sensuous life, alone or in a relationship?

Does this strike a chord in you? You are warmly invited to discuss with us the topics that matter to you. There is nothing that we cannot talk about.

Please send any questions via the “Kontakt” page on the “Sexualtherapie & Paarberatung” site.